Friday, March 31, 2006

the load

I spent the better part of today loading my pickup truck with an enormous amount of stuff that has to go to the cottage this weekend. It always amazes me how much stuff we haul back and forth from home to the cottage every damn time we go. There seems to be no end to the stuff we find necessary to conduct our lives both here and there.

Normally we drive our van when we go, and it is usually packed to the roof with necessary stuff. At least we think it's necessary. If we need the stuff there so much why do we keep bringing it back home? Why not just leave it there? Why don't we just have two of everything, so that we wouldn't have to haul it all home again? I can't think of anything that we need so badly that we absolutely have to take it with us. Food maybe. But there are grocery stores up there, so why haul it from home. Clothes of course. It isn't a nudist colony up there either. But why not just leave some clothes there instead of packing a duffle bag full every time?

Still, we continue our freight hauling ways even though we know we are crazy to do it this way. Even when we are going there just for a couple days, like this weekend, we manage to fill the vehicle, whether van or truck, to the point of overloading. And of course there is always something we've forgotten at home or at the cottage. You'd think that now, after some fifteen years of doing this, we would have it down to a science. But , no, we just keep doing the same thing over and over. I guess yu really can't teach old dogs new tricks.

Speaking of dogs, I almost forgot to put her in the truck. One more thing to remember. We're off.

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