Friday, April 14, 2006

adding to the collection

Here are some pictures of the latest cane I made to add to my collection. This was an exercise in wood bending. I wanted to see if I could ceate a vine effect running up the shaft of the cane. It worked fairly well. I call this one the Vine Cane.

It will probably be awhile before I get to do another cane or add to the leaf series of wall plaques, or work on any of the other 3 projects I have started. First I have to make a couple tables and a lamp for the cottage. Mary ordered them so I have to follow her orders. Plus the weather is just too nice these days to stay inside in the workshop. Outdoor activities are calling me. I can see the grass growing so that is one of the chores that needs attention. The usual spring yard cleanup and fertilizing needs to be done. And let's not forget golf. My clubs are standing by the doorway waiting to be let out to play. I hate to disapoint them even though they usually treat me harshly.

We will be at the cottage all next week for Spring break, hopefully enjoying good weather there as well. I'm looking forward to trying out my new kayak, riding my bicycle, playing golf, and getting my back loosened up and functional again. With the stretching and strengthening exercises that Chris, my therapist gave me to do, and the drugs I'm fouling my body with, I seem to be getting back to normal. I will feel better when the drugs stop being a necessary part of the equation.

Since there is no computer or internet access at the cottage, it may the end of next week before I can post here again. There is the possibility of using a computer at the local library if I can get there. We'll see.

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