Thursday, May 18, 2006


Today my son turns 25. Twenty-five! Wasn't it just yesterday, or maybe it was last week, when he was starting to walk? Shouldn't he be getting ready for his little league game tonight. Gotta get him to soccer practice this afternoon. Is it tomorrow when he starts middle school? Such a little guy, is he ever going to grow bigger? High school already? Gotta grab my baseball glove and play some catch with him this afternoon. JV basketball practice after school today. High school baseball season starts tomorrow. Will he play shortstop or will he pitch? He doesn't care as long as he plays. Gotta keep up with the school work. He set a goal when he entered high school to graduate at the top of his class. Gave up varsity basketball to concentrate on school work. High school graduation--my son the valedictorian! Think I'm proud? He's going off to college at UW Madison, with those scholarships to help pay the way. He looks so much bigger and so mature. The little guy has grown to over 6' and has muscles on muscles from all his working out. Nearly a man now. College graduation. Looking so good in that cap and gown. Going on to grad school right away. Has more goals to meet. Has met all his other goals in his short life so far. A Masters Degree now. Some accomplishment! And now really a man. Guess what, Dad, Katie and I are getting married. My son, the man. Who would have ever thought it would come to this when he was small enough to hold in one arm? My son, the man. Happy 25th Birthday, Jonathan......Love, Dad

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