Tuesday, May 23, 2006

good time

The past weekend was great, a terrific birthday celebration for four days. Mary took Friday and Monday off (she gets two personal days each year for whatever reason she wants) so we parlayed them into a four day weekend centered on her birthday. We spent the full four days at the cottage, under beautiful sunshiney skies with warm temps.

This pcture is the western shoreline which has been left natural with no cottages or other development.

Our good friends and next door neighbors at the lake had a couple visiting them that they had met on an elder hostel vacation and we joined them for lunch on Friday. So we made some new friends to go with the old. There was a lot of story telling and laughter, with Mary being the story teller (she has some good ones) and doing the loudest laughing. Good to hear her after the doldrums of recent events. We went out for dinner Friday evening with some other friends at our favorite restauarant and found out by meerest coincidence that anyone who is celebrating a birthday eats free. So not only is Mary fun to have around, she's a cheap date as well. I guess I'll keep her for awhile just for that. Saturday and Sunday I played golf (honest, she insisted that I go) and she rode her bicycle and did whatever putzing around she does when I'm on the golf course. Do I really want to know?

We did get the kayak into the water and after paddling around a bit, Mary decided that she needs one of her own.

We also took the canoe for a spin among the lily pads and got some nice pictures.

These lily pads will grow much larger and turn green. Then the flowers will come.

We headed for home Monday evening and the reality of normal life. It was a great weekend that I hope got Mary back on track. The laughter was the best part.

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