Wednesday, May 31, 2006

the view from Africa

"From the camp I see...the jackels...and some Zebra and Springbok...the jackels wine and cry to each other all night...sometimes I hear lions...which is pretty cool."

The preceding is an excerpt from an email my daughter sent from Africa, where she is conducting some ongoing Anthrax research in Namibia. "...pretty cool" indeed. I simply can't imagine what it must be like to be surrounded by the sight and sound of wild animals day and night. And I mean wild. This isn't a zoo she's working at. She's living in a tent. She takes such adventures in stride, though.

Do I worry about her? Of course. But she is a grownup and quite able to take care of herself. She does have a somewhat "wild" side, though, which is what gets her through such activities without too much trepidation. The key to her being there, though, despite the possible danger, is the important medical research that she is involved in. Someone has to do it, why not her. As a wildlife Veterinarian, she is in heaven over there.

In a couple weeks when she returns to UC-Berkeley, she'll be in the somewhat more tame activity of teaching Anatomy to first year medical students. I can see her wishing for a bit more of that "wildlife" then.

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