Tuesday, May 02, 2006

working at it

I'm off to the cottage for a few days of chores. The deck needs staining, the grass needs cutting, and I have dozen Hostas taken from home cuttings to plant there. If the weather gods will smile on me, I can get all that done and maybe steal a few guilty hours for a round of golf. Staying busy occupies my mind with trivial thoughts and keeps me from pondering the heavier questions that have dwelled there for the past week.

I only wish that Mary would be able to go there with me to help her escape the demons that are messing up her brain. She has her teaching to occupy her daytime hours, but once home for the evening, she has too much time to ruminate on the desperate actions of her brother. I'm hoping that with passage of time, she'll come to an understanding and acceptance and regain her sense of humor and go back to making fun of me and my wide variety of foibles. I need her to laugh at me and with me again. Time heals all wounds, they say. We'll see.

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