Tuesday, June 13, 2006

away for awhile

For the past week I have been atr the cottage, away from the benefits of home. That means no easy internete access among other things. So I feel left out, uncommunicative, out of touch and isolated. I've come to depend on a daily fix of writing and reading emails and, of course, reading all those blogs that I like to keep up with. Naturally, the situation being what it is, I can't post to my blog as readily as I would like either. So if those of you who are regular visiters here to the land of Bobology are wondering why I haven't posted more, it is because circumstances are conspiring against me.

I am posting right now from the local small town library where several computers are available to the public. However, there is a 30 minute time limit imposed on their use, so I find it difficult to do all I would like to do, since I can't think that fast. Not only that, but the computers available are of the PC variety, and this dedicated Mac user finds them to be cumbersome and uncooperative. There is a learning curve involved, so 30 minute sessions are actually more like 15 minute sessions right now. I hope as the summer goes on I will become more productive in that limited time. Until I do, please forgive me for not leaving comments on your blogs or for not posting more often. Every 10-14 days we will head back to our civilized home where I can spend all the time I want on my home computer. I will try to catch up with all of you then. I'm about to be closed down.....back soon........

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