Tuesday, June 20, 2006

big, but small world

Our globetrotting veterinarian is at this moment in the sky somewhere over midAmerica on her way back to Berkeley. After her 6 weeks in Africa, her trip home to the States seems to take nearly as long. The world is a huge place when you consider how long it takes to travel half way around it. Yet it is a small place when you can coincidently make an unexpected connection with family when still far from home.

Here's the story. Carrie, our wildlife vet daughter, is traveling from Africa back to her home at the University of California-Berkeley, after spending the past 6 weeks doing some research in Namibia. Those of you familiar with this blog are aware of all that. (If you are new to this site, look back into the May and June archives to read more about her adventures in Africa). Her flight from South Africa terminated in Washington D.C. at aboiut 6 AM this morning, leaving her with a 6 hour layover before boarding the flight that will take her back to Callifornia. Her brother, our son Jonathan, has been on a vacation road trip with Katie, his wife, that has taken them through New England to Maine and then down the eastern seaboard, culminating in a visit at Georgetown with Jonathan's best friend, Dominic, who is a 4th year Medical student there. When they planned their vacation they were unaware of Carrie's travel schedule and she unaware of their's. The happy coincidence is that they both found themselves in the same part of the country at the same time for a few hours, both still far from home.

Yesterday when we realized that they would both be near each other, we called Jon and told him about it. We could not reach Carrie, of course, since she was in the air over the Atlantic at the time. Jon said he would make every effort to get to Dulles to see if he could find her. They have not seen each other for nearly a year. The last time any of us saw Carrie was at Jon and Katie's wedding last August. So this was an opportunity that couldn't be passed up.

Jon scrambled around for awhile, ( we were in phone contact with him while this was happening), finally having her paged at the airport. And, yes, they got together. It was only for about half an hour, but they made the connection. Is this a small world, or what. It makes us feel so great that our two children were able to get together for a quick visit while both were traveling, heading in different directions, far from home. It makes us feel even better that Jon was willing to put in the effort to do so, so he could surprise his sister.

This has been a really feel good day.

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