Wednesday, June 28, 2006

home for awhile

We came home last evening from the cottage for a few days of the usual chores around here. Laundry and grass cutting mainly.

And Mary has a dental appointment tomorrow to have her wisdom teeth yanked out. Ouch. I will be a good husband and hold her hand and sooth her with ice cream and alcohol, not necessarily in that order, to help her through the ordeal. I will reserve some of the alcohol for myself, of course. She is not normally a good patient when it comes to medical stuff. She likes to make me suffer right along with her. I will do my best to accomodate her need to share.

Coming home from the cottage is not really a big deal most of the time. At least it shouldn't be. But somehow it always turns into a major production along the way. Mary will usually decide when we are going a day ahead of time, and then proceed to start the process of packing up and getting ready, when it should only take a matter of 10 minutes to load up the van with the "stuff" and hit the road. She will decide our departure time and then get all bent out of shape thinking about all she has to do before leaving. Like a massive house cleaning every time. I don't need to tell you that I think that is unnecesary.
After all, there's only the two of us and we are actually fairly clean people most of the time. Of course, the dog creates some mess with her shedding and the cat manages to get litter spread around some, but not enough to require a sterilization of the cottage everytime we head for home. Can you say compulsive?

Ok, so yesterday she decides we will leave for home after the dinner hour. That suits me fine since I figured I would get off the golf course around three-ish and still have time for my daily nap before dinner and maybe even a quick kayak ride before leaving. I lay down for my nap thinking my schedule was intact. Half an hour into my hour's nap, I hear the garage door opening, the van crunching across the gravel driveway, doors slamming, and the unmistakable sound of a demented and compusive female hustling around. My schedule was in shreds at that point.

I debated lying there for the rest of my usual siesta, but realized all the racket she was making was for my benefit. Without actually saying the words, she was telling me to get my lazy ass up and start helping. So I did. Without any supper. Without my kayak ride. Without a sense of leisurly withdrawal from the lake and a calm and casual drive home. When Mary decides it's time to go, we go. Schedule be damned. When she gets it in her head to leave, she cannot abide waiting around, no matter that she made the schedule in the first place. I guess it really is a woman's perogative to change her mind.

We arrived home about 9 PM and she proceeded to spend the next three hours doing laundry and whatever other domestic chores drive her lunacy. The woman is unstoppable. She is the mother of the energizer bunny. I get tired just being around her. So I went to bed. After all, my nap was cut short, so I deserved an early retirement.

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