Monday, June 26, 2006

rainy day

Woke up this morning to dingy gray skies leaking their moisture on us. By the time I woke up and got ambulatory, Mary had already been to town to get a newspaper and some rather decadent looking frosted cinnamon rolls, that I took way too much pleasure in eating. Rainy days bring out the hedonist in me.

Rainy days also provide a respite from the compulsion to make the most out of every day by straining to do everything possible outside while the weather is cooperative. On rainy days I don't have to get on my bicycle and ride for exercise. I don't have to get in the kayak and paddle my way around the lake. I don't have to cut the grass. I don't have to drag the canoe out and stear Mary around the lake to look at the same landscape once again.

On rainy days I get to sit inside and relax in my chair and catch up on the magazines that have been accumulating dust on the table. I get to read a hundred pages in the book I haven't had time to really get into. I don't even have to get dressed for the day, unless for some unfathomable reason, I have to go out in public. I can take my time fixing lunch and dinner without a schedule to guide me. I get to watch most of the golf tournament on tv and even take the time to try to appreciate the World Cup soccer games on the tube. I don't have to feel guilty about not doing anything constructive on rainy days. Rainy days are Natures way of allowing us to recharge our batteries.

On rainy days Happy Hour comes earlier so I get to have an extra glass of wine before making dinner. Rainy days are great movie days that let me watch a movie in the afternoon if I want, instead of waiting until evening as I normally do. Even the dog seems to like rainy days that allow her to sleep more instead going for that long walk.

Rainy days seem like a good thing most of the time. The only drawback here at the cottage is that Mary uses those days for cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, and trying to get me to participate in her cleaning. Or she will insist on running into town to go shopping for something, anything, as long as it gets her outof the house. Nevermind that, here in this small central Wisconsin town, there is nothing to shop for nor anywhere to get it. It's the idea of shopping on a rainy day that gets her going. Mary is not a relaxing type of person. She needs to be busy all the time and has not yet learned the art of repose. I keep trying to teach her by example, but she just calls me lazy.

Rainy days are lazy days by definition in my book. Now I just have to get her to understand my definition of a rainy day. The effort to do so is making me overwrought and grumpy. I better go take a nap. Good thing the sun isn't shining in the bedroom window to keep me awake.

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