Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Here at the lake the 4th of July holiday celebrations began with the start of the weekend on Saturday. The local town had the usual small town parade, kids with their bicycles and tricycles decorated, local veterans proudly marching mostly in step, the typical antique cars all shined up for the occasion, a few musicians representing a band of some sort, and even a few tacky, but well meaning, clowns tossing stale candy left over from previous parades to the excited kids along the curb. The real excitement arrived later at dusk when the fireworks were finally set off and everyone could oooh and ahh at the display of red, white, and blue patriotism. The fact that the actual 4th of July was still three days away did nothing to dampen the enthusiastic response and civic pride. As far as fireworks go, the small town effort was charming enough, but woefully lacking in the excitement department to these more big city eyes. Still, the pride in their show of patriotism was well evident and uplifting for all that.

On the lake itself, the display of fireworks over the next three evenings was awe inspiring simply for the effort and expence that people will go to to show off. I greatly appreciate the trouble they all went to to entertain me while I sat on my deck overlooking the lake. A few doors to the left we were treated to a few rockets red glare and a bunch of sparkling bursts of ground flares. To the right, a large family gathering vied for our attention with a more elaborate display of sky brightening explosions. But the greatest effort to burn ten dollar bills and throw them up into the sky came from a cottage directly across the lake from us on the south shore. A display of fireworks to rival even the muninciple effort was put on to entertain us. We had a front row seat for all of it and even did a bit of oohing and aahing ourselves. It sure ws nice of those rich folks to burn their money for our benefit. I felt like the Baron of the fiefdom, perched on my deck, allowing my minions to entertain me. Nice bunch of serfs they are.

Though we didn't set off any of our own foreworks, we did proudly fly our flag and decorated the planters on the deck with little flags. Mary found a lighted red, white, and blue star for the window to add that bit of extra color to the night. The only thing missing from our holiday was the company of our children. Carrie of course is in California. Jon stayed home to party with friends, who were also celebrating Katie's birthday on the Fourth. So we were left to remember past Fourths of July while watching the fireworks around us. There's always next year.

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