Sunday, July 30, 2006

summer doldrums

While reading a variety of blogs over the past few days, I noticed a common attitude that seems to have taken over the blogoshpere. Nearly everyone seems to be having a problem with motivation and energy, and the consensus is that the dog days of summer are to blame. The prevaling lassitude has made the task of blogging more of a chore than a delight.

I must confess to some of the same feeling. I have no dearth of subjects in mind to blog about, but finding the energy to actually sit down and write about those ideas is becoming more and more difficult as the heat of summer becomes more and more enervating. The past week has been especially difficult with the current heat wave sweeping across the area. In fact he entire country is suffering from the same heat wave, so at least we all have that in common as an excuse.

Personally, I find the summer months to be a tough time to stay consistent with blogging. Dividing our time between home and the lake cottage means that my access to a computer is limited, and so my ability to write here on this site is an occasional thing. And keeping up with all my usual blogging friends has become nearly impossible. I miss reading all of you and leaving the occasional comment. I feel somewhat out of touch.

I would much rather have the heat of summer than the cold of winter, but right now I find myself wishing for a spell of that cold air just so that I can make the excuse to stay inside and indulge myself with the blogging world. And as much as we complain about the heat and humidity around here, it is always good to remember that in January, when the snow is up to our eyeballs and the temperature is sinking north of zero, we'll be wishing we had more of these 90 degree days. I guess we are never really happy with the weather at any tme of year. If we couldn't complain about it, we'd have nothing to talk about.

Before sitting down at the desk today to blog, I thought my subject would be golf, a game that is a passion of mine. But I figured most of you would rather hear me complain about the weather than rhapsodize about golf. But consider this fair warning; one of these days I'm going to write about golf, maybe when the snow flies and the green of the golf course gives way to the dingy gray of winter. You've been warned.

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