Saturday, August 26, 2006

til next time

Is there anything more wrenching than taking your daughter to the airport to send her back to California after having her here for a week. On the way home from the airport, Mary was sobbing unashamed, while I clenched my jaw tightly to keep the tears away. The week went way too fast. There are still more conversations to be had, still more bike rides to do, still more kayaking on the lake at still more sunsets, still more s'mores to make at the bonfire while enjoying the sparkling stars shining just for us. All those simple pleasures take on such a huge significance when you can no longer do them. The time goes by before you realize that you haven't said all there is to say, you haven't hugged enough, or laughed enough. All we can do now is look forward to the next visit--either her coming here to Wisconsin or our traveling to California--that will hopefully occur before another year goes by.

Excuse me now while I wipe away the tears caused by her leaving once again.......

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