Thursday, October 26, 2006

my new toy

I have a new toy compliments of my daughter, She brought me a laptop. It’s an old Mac book, colored Halloween orange, that she got from a friend who no longer needed it. Jerry, Carrie’s significant other, who is to computers what van Gogh is to painting, made sure it was configured (I think that’s a computer type word) properly, installed a wifi (another computer type word) thingamajig so I can get on the internet (yep, another one of those computer words), and generally made sure that I would be able to string words together in proper sentences on the screen. Then Carrie dragged my sorry butt over to Best Buy to get a memory stick (that’s another computer thing that plugs into another computer and somehow through computer voodoo transfers what I write here to there).

So now I have no excuse for not posting here to my blog on those occasions when we are at the cottage or anywhere else away from my trusty desktop and internet connection. Am I on top of this computer stuff or what? I feel so empowered. And now you all will have no respite from my continuing efforts to bore you to death. You’ve been warned.

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