Friday, October 06, 2006

this instead of that

Earlier inn the week I sat down here at the computer intending to write about the outrageous violence that we were swamped with in the news. But I found it too difficult to find the words that could adequately express my horror and outraage at all that mayhem. I needed room to breathe, to get away from the horrible thoughts that were crowding my brain. So I escaped for a couple days to the cottage in central Wisconsin and met a good friend there, who joined me for two days of golf and good companionship.

While on the golf course I got to thinking about the contrast between what I saw before me and what I was running away from. See if you don't agree that this picture is a better image to hold onto than the image of 5 young Amish girls shot to death by a raging lunatic.

Isn't this view better than the mind's eye view of a high school principal shot to death by a disgruntled student as happened in a small Wisconsin town last week?

Would'nt you rather look at this picture than imagine the obscene emails sent to young boys by a pervert of a congressman?

I realize that sustituting pretty golf course landscape pictures for the horrendous images we have been subjected to this past week won't make the bad stuff go away. But at least it can camoflage the filth and violence for at least a little while, so that we can face the next onslaught of violence and perversions, knowing that there is still beauty to behold in our world if we just take the time to look for it.

Please, everyone, take the time to see the beauty in your fellow man and in the world. In this time of year, when the trees are in thier most colorful glory, we can better appreciate the goodness around us if we just take a moment away from the inunndation of garbage to realize that all is not lost to the dark side. As we said back in the '60's, "peace and love, brother."

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