Thursday, November 02, 2006


Creativity is subjective, I suppose. There are some artistic souls who are recognised as being endlessly creative, constantly coming up with new images and ideas. There are those who claim to be creative, yet are often merely derivitive, copying what they see that others have already done. Art is, of course, in all its various iterations, the most widely recognised forum for creativity, but certainly not the only venue for creative people to excercise their ability.

Every now and then we are fortunate to discover a creative talent that shows real ability to uncover the hidden art in everything around us. Being able to take the mundane, routine, and commonplace images we encounter everyday and illuminate their deeper significance is the mark of a truly creative mind. Being able to look at oneself and reveal the innermost aspects of the residing soul is the artist's greatest achievement. Knowing that revelations of self are the most personal means to express an artistic motive, the self-portrait by the artist is the clearest indication that creativity is a residing presence, a constant companion, to the artist.

While the self-portrait might seem confining as an avenue for creative expression, when done well it makes those of us who view it more aware of our own self image. The deeply personal revelatory act of self-portraiture by the artist can cause us all to look deeper into ourselves to discover anew the aspects that make us unique, or to help reestablish the sense of self we already have. Art that makes us think and touches our soul is ithe best we, as human beings, can do.

And so I urge you to take some time to view the photographic self-portraits of artbandito. They will make you laugh, cry, smile, frown, yearn, seek, find, and understand. They will make you think about and appreciate the world that can give us such ceaseless creativity. The photos will inspire awe and leave you wanting more. That any artist could find more to reveal about herself and, by extension all who share the images with her, after some 500 self-portraits, says a lot about the complexity of our existence, and the need to keep on seeking understanding. I, for one, look forward to that pursuit, led by this incredible artist.

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