Thursday, November 09, 2006


A couple weeks ago my daughter came home for a weekend visit, as I wrote about here several posts ago. She is an accomplished artist as well as a doctor (DVM) and scientist, a talented photographer and a natural teacher. She is also appparently a graffiti artist.

After her visit, I got an email from her in which she, somewhat sheepishly, suggested that I check the mirror on the back of her bedroom door. The email came to me only; she usually adresses her emails to both mom and dad, but since I am also an artist, I think she felt safer appealing to my sense of artistic license to soften her mother's reaction when mom got a chance to see what she left on the mirror.

From early childhood she has always been a doodler, a drawer, a sketcher of the world around her. She just always found a way to record her observasions, and often her feelings, with a variety of materials from pencils to crayons, charcoal to chalk, conte crayon to grease pencil, pastels to watercolor and anything that she could use to make a mark on any surface available. She is never without a sketchbook. She is compulsively creative.

As a child she would make her own greeting cards for those special family occasions, like birthdays and Mother's Day and Father's Day. Most often they were funny, clever, well thought out and well executed skewerings of the recipient. I still have a couple of them framed and on dislplay on a shelf in our bedroom. We have a painting of a carousel horse she did when she was four years old that is one of our most treasured artworks. Our home is filled with her artwork--drawings, paintings, and photgraphs that she has left with us over the years. We discovered a series of cartoon drawings she did with the help of her little brother (I'm sure she goaded him into being an accomplice) on the framework of the pool table, when we took the pool table apart to move it one day. There is no way I will ever let that pool table leave the family now that I know it has some of her artwork on it.

So I don't know why she thought we would have a negative reaction to any artwork she chose to leave for us. I guess she felt guilty for "ruining" a good mirror. Far from "ruining" it, she has made it into a treasure. And I know exactly when she did the drawing. It was late one evening when she was in her room talking on the phone with her boyfriend back in California. She can't just sit and talk, she has to be doing something else sat the same time. So she picked up a marker and started to draw on her mirror. At the time I could hear the squeek and screech of the marker on the glass and wondered just what the sound was. Now I know. I'd like to share her latest self-portrait with you. Would you have been upset to discover such a treasure?

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