Sunday, November 05, 2006

my weekend

I had lunch on Friday again with my friend, Rich, as we do on a nearly weekly basis. As usual the conversation ran from sports to politics to philosophy to family, with lots of laughter at both ourselves and the state of the world. It’s always a real pleasure to have such wide rangeing conversation. When our lunch together is over, I always feel satisfied both physically (my stomach is full), and intellectually (my brain is full). I always feel blessed to have such a good friend at times like that.

While driving home from our lunch, I had the good fortune to hear from another good friend, Pete. (Aren’t cell phones wonderful?) He was calling to ask if I would be interested in going to Saturday’s Wisconsin/Penn State football game. He had an acquaintance who had a couple tickets he wanted to get rid of and knowing what a college football fan, and especially a Badger fan, I am he thought of me. Pete is also a great fan so agreeing to grab those tickets was a no-brainer.

Pete and Judy, his wife, were planning on coming here to spend the day with Mary and me anyway, so we just changed the venue from here to Madison. While Pete and I went to the game, Mary and Judy did what it is that Mary and Judy do: shopping and talking, always at the same time, in equal measure. Nonstop. But I was at the football game so I didn’t care how much talking and shopping they did. Of course, the fact that it was a great game and my beloved Badgers won, meant that Mary could have bought anything and everything and I would just nod and say “that’s nice dear”.

Since we were going to be gone from home for at least 12 hours on Saturday, we asked our son, Jon, to stop by the house to let the dog out sometime during the day (when was the last time you went 12 hours without a nature call?) He agreed to do so. In fact he and his wife, Katie, not only stopped by, they stayed to watch the game on my TV, eat my pizza, drink my beer, and play my piano. Oh yeah, the dog got outside too. Aren’t families wonderful? I may have to consider a padlock for the refrigerator, though.

So here I sit on Sunday afternoon, watching the Packers play the Bills (I love pro football, too, especially the Packers), tapping away at the keyboard on the laptop my daughter gave me, talking on the phone with my son, eating the lunch my wife fixed for me, thinking about my good friends, seeing the sun shining brightly outside, and wondering what I did to deserve all this good fortune.

Now if the Packers can win this game, the weekend will be perfect.

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