Monday, November 27, 2006

tis the season

I don't quite know what possessed me to do this, since in the past I have been a card carrying member of the Bah Humbug Club of holiday cheer, but I did it. The fact that last week the weather was unusually mild and inviting, and the fact that I had a few extra bucks in my pocket to pay for it, and wanting to do something to lighten and brighten Mary's mood must have all conspired to find in me a whole new Christmas spirit.

I spent two days last week on this without Mary knowing about it. I wanted to surprise her. So on Wednesday last week, I called her at school and told her she couldn't come home until 5:00 when it was dark. She blithered and blathered and tried to start a fight saying she was tired and ready for a vacation (it was the day before Thanksgiving) and didn't want to put up with any of my nonsense. But she finally agreed, allowing me my minor triumph. I'm sure she had an inkling of what I was up to, but certainly didn't guess the extent of my decorating zeal. She did, however, call both kids to tell them I was acting strangely, or at least more strangely than usual, and was thinking of having me committed. That prompted Jon to call me to make sure I hadn't gone off the deep end into the abyss and was really not being too weird. I reassured him that I was just planning a little surprise for his mother. I was sure to emphasize that it wa a good surprise and that he need not worry.

So when Mary arrived home (and as typical for her, she came home late, not at 5:00 as I told her, but closer to 6:00, so of course I was pacing nervously for that extra hour before my surprise for her was discovered) I expected an especially warm and fuzzy greeting. I was not disapointed. She was thrilled . I gained a whole wagon load of domestic points that day. I may even be close to breaking even now.

These pictures are of the old homestead lighted up for the holiday season. I may even get to liking this Christmas stuff.

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