Monday, December 18, 2006


I just got back in the house this morning after another physical therapy session when the phone rang. Most often I let it ring without answering, allowing the answering machine to take the call. But this time I picked it up and was rewarded nicely for doing so.

The call was from an old friend that I knew from my days as a remodeling contractor. He is an electrician that I would use whenever the job I was working on required and electrician. It's not that we ever socialized away from the job, but we always got along well whenever we worked together. Naturally now that I am retired, our working encounters have stopped. But he is the kind of guy who genuinely cares about people, so it is not unusual for him to reach out and reconnect with someone from his past.

He explained that he was going through his old rolodex and found my name and number there, and curious about how I was getting along, picked up the phone and called me. He knew that I retired because of Parkinsons Disease and wanted to know how I was doing. We talked for ten minutes or so about his hectic work schedule and about the things I am involved in now.
He just wanted to let me know that he had thought of me. That he was willing to carry that thought to the telephone and follow up on it is the amazing thing.

How often do we think of people we've known and liked in the past and thought about calling, but never get around to that for whatever reason? We all have friends and acquantinces from our past that we wonder about. But taking the time and making the effort to reconnect just seems to be too much to ask. So we go on wondering instead of following up on that wonder.

It was just about a month ago that I received a similar phone call. My old boss from a job I had over 20 years ago, before I started my own business, called out of the blue just to say hello. No particular reason, just the impulse to reconnect. I was obviously surprised and delighted to hear from him. His call made my day.

And today my day was made again by an old friend who took the time and made the effort to call just to say hello.

You know you've been intending to call that old friend you've lost touch with. Do it. Do it now. It will mean the world to your friend and I'm sure it will make you feel pretty good too.


Wiccachicky said...

I am SO with you on this one. Very odd that I spent most of today doing exactly what you suggested, but just now got to the blog! Very rewarding.

maryciz said...

One phone call, a card, a connection can not only make someone's might just save someone's life without one every knowing what a difference it has made. Pay if forward whenever possible...connect.

Kat Campbell said...

What great advice, we all wander around wondering if we've made even a ripple in the world. Reconnecting like this, lets us know we did.

The Rev. Dr. Kate said...

What wonderful advice. How many of us go through life not letting the people who have touched us know just how much they mean. Picking up the phone now . . .

Kelley said...

What a wonderful surprise! It's true that we tend to hesitate way too much about making that call or writing that letter; but when we do make the effort, people are usually so delighted!

It's always wonderful to learn that people you've worked with genuinely like you and regard you as a friend. Thanks for this reminder to reconnect with the people we've lost touch with!