Friday, December 01, 2006


We got hammered by that nasty winter storm that moved through the entire midwest last night and today. Worst storm we've had since 1997. I haven't heard officially what the total accumulation is, but unoffficially it's a shitload.

I just came in from clearing a path from the back door out into the yard so that our little dog could get out there and do her thing. The snow was deep enough that she disappeared when I let her out earlier and that freaked her out. Think about it, would you want to go outside and squat in snow deep enough to freeze your tookis off. I think not.

Amazingly enough we got our mail today, even though every other business and school in this area was closed. Why is it that on normal days we sometimes get erratic service from the post office, but on the worst day of the year the mailman somehow manages to do his job on time? Maybe there is something to that "neither rain, nor sleet, etc.....

Schools being closed throughout this part of the state, Mary is home for the day, getting a respite from the delinquents she is subjected to every other day. Today she is subjected to me instead. I'm trying to be good, but it's difficult having her around all day when I am used to the freedom that comes from being home alone everyday. I even had to eat lunch with her and that cut into my reading time. I see retirement foreshadowed here and it ain't pretty.

She did manage to get hold of a snow plower to clear the driveway so that I wouildn't have to do it all with the snowblower. We have about 300 feet of driveway and a large garage approach area that we share with our neighbor. In years past, I always took care of shoveling and blowing the driveway clear since our neighbor is handicapped and is unable to do any of it himself. But I'm at the stage now where it is too much for me too, so we have to contraact with someone do do the job. Life goes on.

I did keep Mary somewhat content by putting up the Christmas tree this morning and getting it lit up. Actually it was the perfect day for it what with the snow howling outside making it a white Christmas. We even had some Christmas music playing for awhile. The white Christmas thing has its drawback however. All those outside lights I did last week are now buried under ten inches of snow and invisible for the time being. I don't think I am quite up to going out there and cleaning te snow off the bushes. Hope for some sunshine and a little thawing so the lights become visible again.

I'm headed for a brief nap now so that I can store up a bit more energy to go out once more and maybe clear the sidewalks yet tonight. The snow has stopped falling and the winds have abated somewhat, so I have no excuse for not doing a little more of the snow removal. The snowplow can't do the sidewalks so I am not totally out of a job just yet. Damn.


Bud said...

And THAT is a perfect summary of why I no longer live in the north east. I'll take the chronically malfunctioning voting machines here in Florida over snow removal any day. Be careful out there, Bob!

se7en said...

The site looks good Bob, if I do say so myself! hehe

Yeah, be careful out in that stuff!