Wednesday, December 06, 2006

oh shit

I was afraid this would happen. I tried to arrange everything so that the possibilities that this would happen were minimized. I was careful to cover all the plugs to keep moisture out. I raised the cords wherever possible to get them out of reach of curious critters. But last night all those precautions proved inadequate. My Christmas lights outside went out.

I was sitting here at my desk about 4:45 yesterday, surfing through my blogroll, reading your blog posts, when just outside the window to my left the lights went out. While I wasn't looking directly out the window when it happened, I experienced that sudden feeling that something had just changed, and not for the better. It took me a moment to realize that it was too dark outside, that the lights on the bushes that shhould have been twinkling through the snow were not twinkling. A quick tour through the house to look out the windows confirmed my worst fear: the Prince of Darkness had struck. No more Christmas lights anywhere.

Normally this wouldn't cause quite the consternation I was experiencing, since all that is required to fix the problem is to trace down the electical cords to find any breech and then check all the connections to insure that they are all intact. I had arranged everything when I installed the lights to make it as easy as possible to maintain if something like this happened. That precautionary foresight, however, did not anticipate a foot of snow covering everything. All the cords and connections are buried under a secure thick white blanket that will make the supposedly simple task of finding the fault a major undertaking involving shovels and boots full of cold snow.

Luckily for me, the weather today is somewhat mild, the temps in the low thirties, so I probably won't lose any fingers or toes to frostbite. Unluckily for me, I still have to venture out into that snowy landscape to correct the problem. I could just say the hell with it, ignore the lack of light and holiday cheer, let it stay dark,and chalk it up to fate, but I don't want to give in quite that easily.

I worked hard to make this place look special for the holidays and especially for Mary, so I have to make the effort to get it all up and functioning again. So I am about to don my snowsuit and venture out into the wild to see if I can make it all better. If you don't hear from in a few days, send out a search party. Make sure they have a sufficient supply of brandy.........

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The Rev. Dr. Kate said...

Did you survive? Please don't leave us hanging and check in soon!