Thursday, December 14, 2006


As promised yesterday, here are some pictures of the most recent sculpture to come out of the workshop. The entire piece would fit inside a ten inch cube, to give you a sense of scale. It is called PUZZLE.

The wood is Maple with a Walnut ply between laminations to give the dark stripe.

This is one piece that I would llike to see on a monumental scale that would invite you to crawl around on it.

The wood colors are all natural, no stains. The finish is hand rubbed oil, 6 coats.

It will be a few weeks now I think before the vase series I mentioned yesterday will be ready. I have started another sculpture at the same time, so my attention is divided. That simply delays the completion of everything, but I can't help myself. I promise to try real hard to behave myself and stay on task.


Kat Campbell said...

That would be cool in a giant scale! I can see it looming over some rushing river or all alone in a field. Beautiful!

The Rev. Dr. Kate said...

This is so cool - and yes, it would be wonderful as a climbing structure, although I think I would like to find a niche and curl up with a good book in it!

Sunflower Optimism said...

How do you laminate the wood? I love playing with wood. After the holidays I'm going to build a combo shelf/cubby/coat and key rack unit to hang near side door. I actually saw design I liked in a Pottery Barn catalog, but need it to be 9" deep instead of the 11" unit in the catalog. Still trying to decide if I want cherry or maple.

Very cool stuff you are making - can't wait to see more of the vase series.

Sunflower Optimism said...

Oops - sorry, just noticed all three of us described your work as "cool."

How about - angular, unsettled, off-center, interesting, incongruous, inorganic, tipsy, tilted, smooth?

I also like the table the piece is sitting on - did you make that too?

BobCiz said...

Thanks everyone for appreciating my work.

Sunflower, laminating is just a fancy way of saying glueing. Anytime you glue two or more pieces of wood together, you have laminated them. Another way to thinks of it is that each piece of wood is a "ply" in the lamination. "Plywood" is just a series of "plys" glued together to make a laminated solid piece of wood.

BobCiz said...

Sunflower, the "table" the piece is sitting on is a lap board I made so that when I'm sitting in my recliner I can have a surface to write on. It' just a piece of 1/4" Oak plywod framed and varnished. As you can see, it comes in handy for other things, too.

Sunflower Optimism said...

Thanks for the info, Bob. I have never laminated wood - although I have used plywood. Wow, that lapboard does not look like oak to me - nice idea.

We just got a table saw - I'm excited and will try to build the coat rack piece after Christmas.

BobCiz said...

Sunflower, you're right, that lapboard is Birch. The Oak one I made is at the cottage. Good eye.