Thursday, January 25, 2007

birthday anticipation

Though my birthday is still a couple days away, I began celebrating today. Mary gave me a gift cirtificate for a massage which I used this afternoon. I am so relaxed right now that it is a wonder I can hit the keys on the keyboard. Never had a massage? Do yourself a favor and indulge in one. It is well worth it.

I also received a package today from my daughter. I literally stumbled on it on the porch as I hurried out the door to go to the massage appointment, so didn't have time then to open it right then. I was looking forward to opening it when I got home. Unfortunately Mary was home by then and she stopped me before I got a chance to inspect the contents of the package. I do know this: it is a calendar made up of some of Carrie's photos. But Mary won't let me open the calendar until my actual birthday on Sunday. She is being very difficult. I am being tortured by the anticipation of looking at that calendar. Knowing what a talented photographer Carrie is, I know it is going to be one very special calendar. I may have to sneak a look when Mary goes back to school tonight for parent/teacher conferences. I'll be careful to rewrap the calendar in the plastic wrapper so she doesn't know I peeked. I feel like a spy. Sneaky. If you don't hear from me again, you'll know that Mary caught me and exacted a severe penalty on my person. It'll be worth it.......

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The Rev. Dr. Kate said...

EArly birthday blessings to you for a year filled with grace and love!