Monday, January 15, 2007

six and counting

Mary was pushing my buttons again the other day. She was ragging on me for not taking proper care of myself, not doing as I was told by my doctors and physical therapist. She scolded me for not pacing myself properly during the day so that by evening I am less a vegetable and more of a responsive human. I admit to some mild transgressions in that regard, but to call me totally irresponsible is going too far. I pace myself during my daily activities. It's just that my pace is not what they recommend. I don't like to stop what I'm doing to sit down and rest or take a nap because that disrupts the continuity and flow of the work I'm engaged in. If being in my workshop working on the latest sculpture or piece of furniture means being on my feet all day, then the backache and trembling that follows in the evening is worth it to me. That's my pace.

As a cornerstone of her argument about my disregard for the advice of my doctor, she trotted out the number of times I have interacted with the EMT's and the number of times I have been a passenger in an ambulance. She claims to have the paramedics on speed dial because she fully expects me to do something stupid--again--that would require their participation in saving my ass. Now I admit to having been attended to by the paramedics on several--ok, six--occasions, but insist that those occasions weren't all my fault. Of those six, only four required a ride in the ambulance. So is that so bad? And the fact that I have been ministered to a few times doesn't mean it's going to happen again just because I thumbed my nose at my doctor's advice.

Besides, only two of those amulance incidents were even remotely life threatening. The others were minor incidents of mild emergency. I would have survived nicely wihtout the intervention of the EMT's at those times. So it doesn't seem fair for her to threaten me with a call to the paramedics everytime I wince or groan because my back is sore or my tremors are more noticable than usual because I "overdid it" again. She's overreacting isn't she?


Kat Campbell said...

Oh dear Bob, I have to side with Mary here. Pap is a diabetic who doesn't take care of himself and scares me half to death. Then there's the matter of the extra expense it causes us for the trips to the hospital because he thinks he's still super man. I try to be sympathetic to the quality of life issues that come up when someone has a serious illness, but man, those of us that love you have OUR quality of life diminished when you choose to ignore your doctor's advice.

Gary said...

Maybe you should compromise and move close to a hospital so she can just wheel you over on a gurney :)

Seriously, it is nice that she is so concerned. Take heed.

Sunflower Optimism said...

Tough one Bob. I ran myself into the ground over the holidays - didn't eat right, not enough sleep, skipping yoga and the gym. I knew I was letting myself in for a huge RA flare and yes, I was amply rewarded with a good week's worth of pain. But I was able to pull off Christmas, New Year's and my son's Eagle ceremony before collapsing.

So I understand about setting my priorities in such a way that my health plays second fiddle.

On the other hand I only have RA and the result of not taking care of myself is pain - nothing life threatening and no hospitalization required. Even so, my husband is always concerned. I can imagine how much more he would be if my bad choices did land me in the hospital.

Listen to Mary. She wants to keep you around for a bit longer. Don't be an obstinate fool, like me.

BobCiz said...

Ok, everyone, I sense a conspiracy here. Did Mary somehow get to all you and enlist your help in getting me to behave? I get the message. I will try to be a good boy from now on.

Oh, and thanks for caring.

BobCiz said...

BobCiz said...
This is Mary (my account won't let me publish)....Bob doesn't know this (of course he will now), but I ordered a red flashing light and siren for our new car (replaced from the accident). Soon I can speed drive him myself-even on the sidewalks if necessary-to the ER!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007 7:01:00 PM