Tuesday, January 02, 2007

til next year

We spent our time today dechristmasizing the house. That may not be a real word, but the activity it represents is very real. While Mary tucked away the inside decorations (at least most of them--I had to take the tree down after removing the lights. I refuse to allow her to take the lights off the tree because she has an amazing power that goes into effect whenever she encounters a string of lights or an extension cord--those strings or cords somehow become hopelessly tangled and tied in knots if she so much as enters the same room they occupy. Must be some kind of telekinesis thing or maybe an overabundance of hormones), I ventured outside to remove the holiday lights I worked so hard on back around Thanksgiving. The weather was wonderfully cooperative with sunshine and temps in the 40's. So there was no worry about frozen fingers or snowfilled shoes.

Every year there is a brief letdown when the Christmas decorations are put away yet again. The house has been overwhelmed with greenery and lights, and so our senses have become adjusted to the abundance of visual stimulation. We forget how restful the house can be the rest of the year when we inhabit this twinkling holiday environment. When the lights first go out, the sense of emptiness prevails for a brief moment, and then a sigh of relief escapes us as we return to normal. As much as we like the seasonal decorations and the goodwill and festive spirit they represent, we are always glad that the season doesn't last any longer than it does.

So, with packing away those decorations, one more year has come to a close and another is just taking its first tentative steps. Let's hope that when we take out the Christmas decorations at the end of this year we will have enjoyed a year of peace and abundance. So much to look forward to.


Gary said...

The great thing about Christmas decorations is that they can last a lifetime. Nothing ever goes out of sytle.

Jay said...

You express lovely sentiments, and I hope the same hopes, for you and me both.