Tuesday, February 27, 2007

from the workshop/studio

The snowy weekend had at least some good come out of it. I had some extra time in the workshop since we couldn't get out to go anywhere. Being housebound because of the snow sometimes has advantages. (And I managed to avoid having to strip the last of the wallpaper on the stairway walls by throwing my artistic temperment around and threatening to cut off an ear if I couldn't vent my creative energies. Mary bought it, but only after suggesting that I might lose more valuable body parts if that wallpaper stays there much longer.) So I finished the wood vase series that I started last Fall. Here are some pictures of the pieces.

The first two pictures are of the basic concept I had in mind when I started the series. I wanted to take the idea of a vase as a receptical and approach it from a slightly different perspective. The first pictures show the vase as fragmented, with areas to hold the flowers other than the usual typical top opening.

These next photos show the fruition of the idea. There is still a vase, but the flowers and leaves are not where you would normally expect to find them in relation to the vase. Still, the vase serves as the receptical and so it continues its life as a vase. And the plants still have a home.

Three different vases, three different illustrations of the concept. I'm pleased with the result. If I were to continue the series, I feel like the logical result would be a vase in a flower. Maybe I will follow up that idea next winter when I get snowed in again. Until then I have another cane in the works and another wall sculpture for the cottage to ease into being. The sawdust is getting thicker in the shop.

As always, if you would like to see more pictures of these pieces, go to the "my flickr" link on the sidebar and then select the sculpture set and browse around for awhile.


Wiccachicky said...

Oooo!!! I really like the one with the leaves. It's so artistically interesting.

Kat said...

Hey...throwing artistic temperament around works? Man have I been blowing opportunities... These vases are stunners, Bob. I love the unexpected in my art.

Philip said...

It's just beautiful. And thanks for the flickr reminder. I'll go add you right now!

Jay said...

That's a really cool idea. I like people who can think outside the box.