Thursday, February 22, 2007

lost weekend

We intended to head to the cottage tomorrow for a long weekend (Mary has Monday off), but the weather report has us thinking second thoughts about that. A winter storm warning is in effect for Saturday and Sunday for most of Wisconsin. So driving anywhere could be a stupid and hazardess undertaking.

I only bring this up because as we get older and I, in particular, get less physically capable, we seem to pay more and more attention to the weather reports. This is obviously a trait that takes nearly 60 years to incubate, since I can specifically remember several times when our parents were reluctant to drive anywhere if there was any reported possibility of snow falling within the appointed travel time. We scoffed at them and rolled our eyes, wndering how they could be so ridiculous. But age inspires caution I guess. Or maybe timidity. Or maybe the realization that we are not indestructible. Or the wisdom to acknowledge our deficiances.

In years past we thought nothing of packing up the kids after school on Friday and driving the two hours north to the cottage for the weekend. We would do that once a month during the winter and even spend Christmas week there. No big deal. We had these incredible physical reserves back then that allowed us to do those things. Now it feels like planning the Normandy Invasion every time we condsider making the trip at this time of year. How did we do it back then? How do we recapture that energy?

So now we are faced with a long weekend here at home, disappointed that our plans have been thwarted once again by the weather. And I can only hope that the anticipated snow storm actually materializes, because if it doesn't, I will be faced with coping with a very pissed off wife, who will undoubtedly blame me for the weather, or lack of it.

The only thing that could possibly get me to brave the snowy conditions would be her insistence that, since we are stuck here in the house anyway, we use the weekend for stripping more wallpaper and painting the hallway. I might even walk all the way to the cottage to avoid that. Without my cane. Naked.


Bud said...

Hmm, let's see stripping wallpaper vs. Walking naked and caneless in the snow. Yeah, I'm with you, driving is too risky.

Kat said...

That would just be the ultimate insult to spend the weekend stripping wallpaper instead of at the cottage. Pap and I are getting that way too. He has so much trouble with his foot that if there's even a chance he might slip on ice or twist it on something, we just stay home.

Badaunt said...

"This is obviously a trait that takes nearly 60 years to incubate"

I seem to have skipped a couple of decades. I've started checking the weather forecast before going to the supermarket - which is around the corner. (Granted I ride a bicycle round there, but STILL.)

The Rev. Dr. Kate said...

Maturity can be such a downer sometimes!!! It must be a generational thing, because my mother who never in her life wore socks or a hat in the winter and would drive anywhere in anything, now calls me whenever the possibility of difficult weather is forecast to tell me how to dress my children for it and not to go anywhere!
Avoid the wallpaper!