Friday, February 09, 2007

now that she's dead, get a life

I want my 15 minutes of fame, too. So I hereby throw my sperm into the mix and make a claim to being the father of Anna's baby. Since potential fathers seem to be coming out of the woodwork, I figure one more possibility won't muddy the paternity waters all that much. And maybe I can wrangle a cut of the half billiion she might still get even though she won't be able to spend it anymore.

Having said that, I have to admit that Anna Nicole Smith is really not my type. I've never really been into golddigging bimbos with big tits who have nothing else to recommend them. Sorry, bottle blondes with bodacioius boobs and silicone brains aren't enough to keep me interested. Which makes me wonder how she came to be a celebrity. She had no talent other than a willingness to bare it all for magazine "readers." That, and the ability to con a semi-demented billionaire octagenarian into marrying her are her only claims to fame. Why do we care?

This latest "tragedy" involving a pseudo celebrity has me perplexed. Where did this ridiculous cult of celebrity originate? Is it the need of so many people to live vicariously through these airhead cultural parasites that feeds the frenzy? Do people really want to be as worthless as those they idolize? How pathetic is that? Surely there are others out there in the world that deserve our attention for actually accomplishing something that benefits all of us. Instead attention is heaped on an augmented set of tits that has those idolizers drooling on themselves.

Get a life of your own people. You really don't want to be that worthless do you? Please tell me this, and her, are all a bad joke.


Sunflower Optimism said...

I refuse to get involved - same genre as the OJ or Michael Jackson trials. You are exactly right - people need to get a life, instead of encouraging those low lifes.

Kat said...

This very topic has baffled me too. Paris Hilton, Anna Nicole...all of them with no redeeming social character making billions that they squander. I second the motion...get a life instead of encouraging these pathetic people.

The Rev. Dr. Kate said...

Right behind you - this fascination with the trashy and folks who add nothing to human experience baffles me completely. And does Mary know about the paternity test?