Sunday, February 04, 2007

super blow

Here it is, Super Bowl Sunday, and I find myself not caring a whole lot. I suspect the reason is the two teams involved fail to move me to any sort of passion. Saying that sounds disingenuous coming from a rabid Green Bay Packers fan, but rooting against the hated Bears means possibly, by default, having to root for the carpet bagging Colts.

Being a football fan of a certain age, I find it difficult to associate the name, Colts, with any city not named Baltimore. I can never quite forgive the sneaky underhanded move that stole the storied franchise of Unitas from its home. The Colts are an unlovable team now because of their "moving" history. It doesn't help that they have a quarterback named after a soap opera, either, whose histrionics at the line of scrimmage leave me disconcerted at best and apoplectic at worst. Call the freakin play in the huddle and then run the goddamn thing without all the finger pointing and shouting and attention grabbing prancing around. But while I deplore the Colts association with a foster city and their unsettling sissy-named QB, I would be more likely to cheer for them than have to raise a voice in favor of da Bears.

It is genetically impossible for any true bred Wisconsinite to look favorably on anything associated with the Bears. They have absolutely no redeeming value at all. We allow them to exist only for the opportunity to beat up on them twice each sesson.
Finding them in the Super Bowl is an abberation of the universe's alignment that seems to occur only in twenty year cycles. We let them win a few games every few years just so they won't give up and drag their sorry butts home in despair, never to return for another whipping. But allowing them to participate in the championship game is carrying the concept of allowing them to win a few too far. I may have to ignore the game entirely so as not to acknowledge their participation.

So today is set to be a tortuous exercise for this football fan. The best of alll possible outcomes would be for both teams to acknowledge their unsuitability for participation and call the whole thing off. Bunch of losers. Still, I will feel compelled to steal a glance or two at the tv during game time just to feed my need to see at least one of them fail.

Super Blow Sunday, indeed.

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Sunflower Optimism said...

Same here - we watched a bit to see if there were any interesting commercials - also disappointing. We turned it off and watched a movie instead after halftime. Go JETS!