Saturday, February 24, 2007

winter extended

The local weathermen keep hyping the coming major snow storm, even going so far as to call it an official blizzard in the making. All day all we've been hearing about is the potential severity of the storm, with a possible accumulation of 10-18 inches of snow accompanied by winds up to 40 mph. Yippee! We got nearly 6 inches of snow last night as a preliminary warmup to the coming onslaught. Mary and I are both relieved that we did indeed stay home this weekend instead of going to the cottage. Traveling would have been not just foolhardy, but dangerous.

So here we are awaiting the latest hammer blow from Old Man Winter. Our contracted snow plower showed up this afternoon to clear the driveway of last night's 6" snowfall, and we expect to see him again sometime on Monday to clear a way for us to get out after the anticipated storm. Unfortunately he doesn't clear the sidewalks as well, so I still have to fire up the snowblower to do that as well as clear a space for the dog to get out into the yard to do what ever it is that dogs do. Doo-doo? Plus I have always taken care of our next door neighbor's sidewalk and area around his doorway and garage, since he is quite disabled and unable to do that himself. The sidewalk in front of our two properties runs for about 300 feet. For the last thirty-five years that we have lived here I have done that for him as well as always snowblowing the entire driveway that we share with him as well as our own section of driveway (total area to clear is about 300 running feet by 12-14' wide, plus a common area from our garage to his that is about the size of a full basketball court. I know that a basketball court will fit there because I marked it off years ago for the kids to play full court games.)

In past years we have rarely called upon a snowplow to do the driveway--I was always able and willing to snowblow the whole thing. But in the past couple years it has become increasingly difficult for me to physically handle the job, so we contract with a plower to do the heaviest work. I hate the idea that I can't do it all myself and do it to my standards, having to rely on someone else to help me. Of course the snowplower guy never meets my stringent standards of excellence--snow removed completely down to the blacktop, nice crisp and clean lines along the edges, snow gone right up to the edge of the lawn and absolutely no damage to the landscape. It is extremely difficult for me to tolerate the lack of precision shown by that plow. My sense of order is assaulted and offended. God, am I an anal twit.

In anticipation of the snowbound weekend, we have laid in a store of essential provisions to see us through. A fresh bottle of Brandy, a new bottle of Peppermint Schnaaps, and an extra bottle of wine (Shiraz) should help us weather the storm. We shall dream dreams of warm sunshine and new Crocus blossoms. The fact that baseball opening day is only a little over 5 weeks away, that the golf courses will be open in about 6 weeks, and that I will be cutting grass in about 8 weeks gives me hope that there is a warm season to follow this cold one. But I can't escape the feeling right now that Spring is a merely theoretical concept. Time will tell if theory can prove true.


Bud said...

I totally sympathize. I find it hard to read about winter. It's like I escaped a gulag and just don't want to take my mind back there.

The Rev. Dr. Kate said...

It is really hard to believe that spring is ever going to come when you get to February. Personally, February already has shortened days, would it kill any of us to just skip the entire thing and move right on into Spring?
Hang in there - its here now - we were supposed to get a dusting that was to stop early this morning. Four inches and several hours later . . . not that four inches is anything to complain about compared to what you have!

Kat said...

How nice of you to support the local economy by hiring a snow plow driver despite his substandard completion of the job. I think we're done with snow, but it will rain, and rain, and rain some more until Easter.