Tuesday, March 13, 2007

drip no more

For a long time I just tried to ignore the dripping faucet. I have a deep-seated dislike for all things plumbing. Wait, let me clarify that. I absolutely love plumbing. Indoor plumbing is one of the greatest achievements of modern man. Think about it--without indoor plumbing we would be dragging our sorry butts out into the backyard two seater in the middle of winter. Not a pleasant thought. So, yes, I love plumbing. What I hate about plumbing is having to fix it.

For a long time I just tried to ignore the dripping faucet. Even though fixing a faucet is one of the simpler tasks when it comes to plumbing fixes (if you showed him more than twice, a monkey could do it), it still involves water and a potential mess. I try to avoid making messes whenever possible so that I don’t have to clean up any messes. Simple logic. Ignore the plumbing problem and thereby avoid the mess that is sure to result from trying to fix it.

For a lng time I just tried to ignore the dripping faucet. Then we got our water bill and She Who Pays The Bills nearly erupted with a geyser of her own. “Fix it! Now.” She begged. She pleaded. She coaxed. She made promises she couldn’t possibly keep. Then she brought down the hammer. She threatened to call a plumber to fix the dripping faucet. You know what those guys charge? To fix a faucet? No way am I letting some buttcrack-showing plumber put his kids through college on my dime.

I couldn’t ignore the dripping faucet any longer. So I spent the $20 to buy two new cartridges to replace the old ones, spent about 20 minutes actually working on it, and now have no more drips to ignore. And there was no mess to clean up either since I had the foresight to turn off the water first. I love plumbing.


Bud said...

Every time I get involved with plumbing, I fear it'll wind up costing me more than if I called the plumber in the first place. Good job, Bob.

The Rev. Dr. Kate said...

Do you make housecalls?

Anonymous said...

Clever cloggs aren't we , turning the water off first , brilliant! I might try that one next time. Although I did need a shower.