Monday, April 30, 2007

moody weather

Is there any one aspect of our everyday lives that affects us more than the weather? This past weekend was beautiful--sunshine, warm, summery. Absolutely choice. So our mood for those couple days was just as sunshiney and warm. We reveled in the chance to be outside in our yard, cutting grass, planting flower pots on the deck, eating our meals outside. We smiled the days away.
I was looking forward to another day just like those last two, but somehow a thunderstorm managed to invade my world and put an end to those plans. So now here I am, stuck inside again instead of being outside playing, And my mood has become as cloudy as the skies. Woe is me.
When I become Emperor of the Universe, I am going to put a stop to al this weather uncertainty. No more will we have to be concerned about rain on our parades, our ballgames being canceled, or our picnics being soaked. When I'm in charge, the rains will only be allowed to fall from 2 AM to 4 AM each and every night, with uninterrupted sunshine all day everyday. That way the grass will always be green and the crops abundant and we will be able to play golf constantly without getting wet. Low humidity and gentle southerly breezes will keep us comfortable without hindering our bicycle rides or adversely affecting our golf shots. Spring will begin in March, Summer will last until October, Autumn will end at Christmas when a soft and sparkling new fallen snow will highlight the Christmas holiday. Winter will be short and to the point, occupying only January and February, exiting with nary a blizzard to hinder its passing.
All in favor of making me the omnipotent weather god and putting an end to our weather affected moods, point your folded umbrellas to the sky and sing "sunny days are here again!"
We can dream, can't we. On a thunderstormy day what else is there to do besides taking a nap and dreaming of lazer-like golf shots and made birdie putts under cloudless skies. Hey, it's my thunderstorm and my nap and I'll dream what I want. You're on your own.

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