Friday, April 27, 2007

Those of you who have been here before may remember this wall sculpture I did last year about this time for the wall above the door and windows at the cottage.

The wall opposite that wall and sculrture now has its own sculpture to add to the ambiance of our little cottage. The Blue Herons that frequent our shoreline and so beautifully decorate the outdoors inspired this piece. The Heron on the wall is looking toward the lake, watching for the chance to escape to the outside. But I have him securely nailed to the wall so inside he will stay.

I tried to capture some of the wary watchfulness that typifies the herons we see. Since we can't get very close to them outside, this sculpture gives a more intimate relationship with them. Besides that, it just looks nice.

I'm running out of wall space now. Don't know where the next sculpture will go. Dilemna.


The Rev. Dr. Kate said...

Your work is AMAZING!!! You are so talented - how wonderful that you are able to create such beauty!

Dackerson said...

It is beautiful and! Just had to de-lurk to comment.

Pamela said...

I love that ... oh I do!!!!!