Sunday, April 01, 2007

too much going on

Time flies. The past week just seemed to whiz by nearly unnoticed. It's not that there was so much being done, it's just that there were enough different things going on that the usual activities were relegated to the back of the line. Things like blogging. Things like my daily hour set aside for writing. Time in the workshop. Even the usual househhold chores.

Why all the fuss? I got a new laptop, a MacBook, and I've been spending an inordinant amount of time playing with it and even getting a little frustrated with it. And helping Jon and Katie get their newly purchased house ready for the moving-in process has occupied my thoughts if not so much my actual energy. Plus the outside yard work has taken on the typical springtime urgency. And fighting with the cable company. Time, where do I get all that I need?

First the laptop. I ordered it online on Monday and it arrived already on Wednesday. I was pleased with the quick response. So here it is all shiny and new, virginal even, and I can't wait to get it fired up and get acquainted. Unfortunately, techy type stuff and I do not occupy the same world. Granted, Apple mkes things really simple for people like me for the most part, but there are nagging little things that I have been unable to resolve so far. Like email. I can receive it, but can't send it. I know it should be a simple matter of the proper configuratiion in the mail preferences, but what should be simple has turned into a "losing sleep over it" situation. Any help wpuld be greatly appreciated. Other than that annoying email problem, I am quite pleased with my new toy.

Then on Friday we got our cable bill. $252 dollars worth of cable bill. Needless to say, that is about $150 more than expected and caused more than a minor stir around here. I spent at least three hours so far over two days trying to get it straightened out and am still hanging somewhere in the nether regions of the unresolved. The weekend has intervened slowing the process. Monday will bring more phone time with my friendly customer seervice rep at Time Warner Cable. So far I have talked to three different people there and have had to explain the situation each time and still have not fixed it. Customer service? More like customer sodomizing. I will get this problem taken care of even if it means using nasty words and threats.

On Thursday Jon and Katie closed on the house they bought, so that new circimstance has now become the main event in the family, Yesterday we, Mom and Dad, spent the day helping clean and paint and doing the necessary pre-move-in chores that always have to be done when making such a life changing move. They actually have the whole month of April to make the move, but they really don't have as much time as you would think because of Jon's work schedule (he is an accountant and it is that time of year when he works long hours), so there is a certain amount of urgency to this weekend. Of course he will be occupied tomorrow with the Brewers opening day game (he's on vacation this week) which can't be missed, house or no house. And then they are leaving on a four day vacation on Thursday--which was planned before they bought the house--to go out to San Francisco to visit his sister,Carrie, and do some of the usual sightseeing. So suddenly what appeared to be a month long leisurely move has become a dance of quick stepping around all the distractions and obligations.

Take a deep breath and proceed witth caution. That is all I can do right now. I'll keep you posted.........


Wiccachicky said...

Oooo....You got a Macbook? I am so jealous!!

Leonard Smith said...

Computer fix: (MAc ONLY>)
Place the machine on a firm work surface. Place a towel over the machine and cover it completely.
Using a baseball bat pound the machine till your arms hurt.
Take the remains contained in the towel out onto the drive. Take the truck and drive over the remains many many times.
Stand back.
Feel relieved and pleased that at last there will be no more Mcproblems.
Purchase parts and build a unix box. Get free software.Cheer.

Leonard Smith said...

Holy cleaned and prepped your kids new house.....that's a lucky pair of kids!!!!

BobCiz said...

Wicca, you too can have a MacBook--just save your allowance for the next year and splurge.

Len, the problem was solved without rancor or baseball bats thankfully. I just needed to push the right button.

Yeah I keep telling those kids how lucky they are to have me for a dad. Sometimes they listen.