Monday, May 21, 2007

birthday saturday

Saturday at the cottage. It is windy, but warm, sunny but sometimes cloudy. The next door neighbors (our best friends) are here and happy hour is approaching. But the most significant thing about this day is that it is Mary’s birthday. She has been on the phone almost constantly, getting birthday wishes from her teacher colleagues and friends, from our son and daughter, and from people she didn’t expect to hear from. So she is basking in the warmth of those friendships and family connections.

I know it is considered rude to give a woman’s age so I won’t do that. But if you figure that she is celebrating her 29th birthday for the 30th time, you’ll be close if not right on. She and I are the same age (we were high school sweethearts, as corny as that sounds today), and we have been central in each other’s lives for 41 years. That’s a long time by anyone’s reckoning, but everyday I feel like we are just starting out again. And the best is yet to come.

So every birthday is special in that it celebrates another year we’ve been together and not just an age milestone. We are hoping and expecting to enjoy another 40 years together with the chance to sing happy birthday that many more times.


igs4me said...

wow, that is way cool 41 years! my parents had been married 40+ years, when my dad passed. that is a very nice post! congratulations on your wonderful marriage!

Turnbaby said...

What a sweet post--in the good way--normal pensive touching.