Monday, May 28, 2007


Our son, Jonathan, married Katie in August of 2005, nearly two years ago. That wedding was a highlight of all our lives. For Jon and Katie the specialness of the occasion is obvious. For the parents of the bride and groom the culmination of a good parenting job were on display for all to see, and that pride shined brightly that day. For me their wedding was particularly exciting and memorable because they chose me to officiate at the wedding ceremony. I got to perform the marriage rite for my son and his bride. What could be a greater feeling than that, to participate so closely with them on that very special day?

How about if I get to do it one more time? Not for Jon and Katie, but for my daughter Carrie and her long time companion, Jeremy. After sharing each other’s lives for nearly eight years now, they have decided that it is time to formalize their relationship with a wedding. And guess who gets to reprise the role of officiant? They have honored me by asking that I do for them what I did for Jon and Katie. I am absolutely bursting with happiness for them and deeply honored that they want me to share the day with them as I did with Jon and Katie.

Later this summer after Carrie returns from another research trip to Africa, we will be traveling to California for their wedding. My little girl is getting married.

Now excuse me, I have a wedding ceremony to prepare.


The Rev. Dr. Kate said...

What a wonderful blessing- and an honor! Congratulations on the up-coming nuptials (and we expect pictures!. Isn't so cool that our kids grow up so well, become these lovely adults and then lovingly ask us to participate in their lives? My older son graduates on Sunday - I am looking forward to the day when I offciate at his wedding! Blessing to the bride and groom and her extraordinary parents!

Oh great One said...

How exciting! What an honor!