Sunday, June 10, 2007

out with the old; in with the new

Twenty-six years ago I got this lawnmower for a Fathers Day gift.

It served me well for all those years, with an occasional problem. But, hey, its a machine and machines sometimes have problems. Well, this past week it had its final problem. It just decided to give up and die on me while I was in the middle of cutting the backyard. It had been acting up recently, sometimes refusing to start, other times coughing and wheezing and complaining when the grass was too long. I nursed it as best I could, but it was obvious that its time was drawing near. Perhaps it had overheard our conversations about replacing it sometime soon and just gave up trying to please me anymore. Anyway, it is now only a memory.

Fathers Day is rolling around once again so the time seemed right to get another gift and to start fresh with a new and shiny machine. Allow me to introduce the newest member of the family and my new favorite toy.

Luckily, I didnt get discarded with the old mower, although I have had a few breakdowns myself recently. Hopefully, both the new lawnmowwer and I will last another twenty-six years like the old mower. By then I will be probably be under the grass that is being cut. Until then, I will ride in style.


Artistic Soul said...

Is that you Bob? Sweet ride!!!

BobCiz said...

Yes, Soul, tis none other but the man himself.

Len Smith said...

Flashy , but I bet it doesn't have a built in self destruct button like my Sears junkotractor.