Tuesday, June 26, 2007

were we ever away?

Have you ever noticed how, when you've returned home from a vacation, after a day or so it seems like you were never gone at all? You may have had the most memorable, exciting two weeks of your life, but once back inside the confines of your home and life, it seems like it was all a dream.

You've unpacked you suitcase and that signals the return to reality. At home, inside the laundry still has to be done, the beds made, the bills paid, the meals cooked. Outside the grass has to be cut, the plants watered, the weeds pulled, the hedges trimmed. How did this place ever survive our absence? How did we ever survive being away?

It's not like we haven't done this before. We frequently spend a week at a time at our lake cottage and then return home to take care of the usual business of living. But this time we stayed there for two full weeks and that extra week seems to have exaggerated the catching up chores. Yet, now that a full day has passed since we returned home, it seems that those last two weeks just slipped by and disappeared like the smoke from one of our bonfires. And here we are, cutting grass and doing laundry, watering plants and paying bills. Vacation? What vacation?


Kat said...

I hate that feeling. We went on a carribean cruise once in February. Came back to snow, ice, kids, work. It was the awfullest feeling of let down.

Bud said...

This happens to me a lot as i travel several times a year. I'm still waiting for telaportation to get developed.