Tuesday, July 03, 2007


When we first bought this little cottage on the lake shore, we never envisioned it as anything but a getaway from the hectic daily schedule that ruled our lives as it does so many others. The kids were still young enough to relish the water activities and the tromps in the nearby woods. It has been a family treasure for 16 years now.
Over the years we’ve remodeled and changed the surroundings a bit, but it still serves the same function as before. We still consider it our getaway.

The kids don’t get here as often anymore since they are grown and have their own adult lives to contend with. But when they do manage to get here for a few days, the memories ring loudly, the laughter is raucous, and the walls absorb new memories to add to the old. I only wish it happened more often.

Now I find myself most often communicating with those two kids of mine by more remote means than sitting next to them in front of a bonfire on one of these warm and congenial summer nights. I never envisioned a world where I could sit on the deck here at our cottage in central Wisconsin and communicate with my daughter, who is currently in Africa doing researchy veterinarian type things with big wild animals, via something called the internet. It is indeed a brave new world that allows such miracles to happen.

While I sit here tapping away on my miraculous laptop, I think how incredibly lucky I am to have the means to reach out to my kids and share another day with them even though they are far away. The world really is getting smaller and I, for one, am pleased by that.


Anonymous said...

I would have to say pleased with technology for sure but I can't say as much about being happy the world is getting smaller.... I do miss when the times were "simpler"


Kat said...

You get a big amen from me on this post Bob. I remember how it felt to be cut off from my family, waiting for the mail when I was young. Technology has provided my kids with "mom" whenever they need me.