Sunday, July 08, 2007


It seems to be the common practice among young married couples to progress from the nurturing of simple organisms, like plants, to the more complex responsibilities of taking care of a four-legged creature such as a dog or cat, to finally investing their nurturing energies in the most exacting responsibility of all, a human type baby. Jonathan and Katie, married now two years in August, have embarked on the second leg of that nurturing journey. They have acquired a dog.

Allow me to introduce their new family member, my “granddog,” so to speak, hereafter known as Bucky, the Chocolate Lab.

As puppies go, Bucky is a definitely a puppy. At his age of 8 weeks old he is a jumble of floppy uncoordination, given to falling down and falling asleep without apparent provocation. Everything he eats, and he eats everything, makes only a momentary slowdown in his innards before ending up on the floor in generous globs of puppy poo. But he loves to be held and is the friendliest, sweetest, lovingest, cuddliest, cutest little puppy the world has ever seen. At least until your new puppy comes along.

The unspoken truth is that he will be a “little” puppy for only a little while, before growing into a massive bundle of doggy muscle that will be a “big” part of their household. Labs are not small dogs and judging by the size of the paws on this little monster, he is going to be a big boy very soon. Both Jon and Katie seem well tuned into the necessity of proper training for Bucky, so the future looks bright and well in hand.

I really shouldn’t worry that they managed to kill off a few plants in the first nurturing phase, should I?


Pamela said...

so, does it call you grandpa??


Artistic Soul said...

What a cute puppy!! We're on our last day in your fair state - and we took your advice about Madison...the lake front on UW campus was SO worth it. One of my favorite afternoons for sure. Time to go home and see our puppy though. :)