Sunday, July 22, 2007


There is a theory going around that if you want something—a new car, a house, anything tangible—or want something to happen, you need only to visualize it and it will eventually come to pass. Great theory. I don’t know how effective it is at producing the big things like that house or car, but the little things that make life more pleasant are readily attainable in my experience.

For instance, every morning as I edge into consciousness, I visualize a pot of freshly brewed coffee awaiting me in the kitchen and it is always there. Amazing. I often visualize reaching into the dresser drawer and being able to pull out clean socks and underwear and it never fails to happen. I like having a clean and orderly house and all I have to do is visualize it and the house is clean and spotless. Whenever I look in the refrigerator there is always a can of beer there just as I visualized it and most of my favorite foods always seem to be stacked neatly in the cupboards and pantry just as I picture them. I frequently visualize an extra twenty bucks in my wallet and I always find it there just as I imagined it. Somehow the gas tank is always full in my truck just as I hope it will be. I visualize the bills all being paid on time and, lo and behold, it happens just like that. Incredible.

All of those things really happen in my life so I know the visualization theory really works. Of course, Mary likes to point out that she has a lot to do with all those things happening, but I think she just wants to debunk the theory and take all the credit. Still, she does get up before me each morning so I suppose she could be making coffee. And she spends a lot of time in the basement with her washer and dryer so maybe she is producing those clean clothes from the dirty ones I shove down the laundry chute. And it does seem like every time she passes through a room she is dusting or vacuuming along the way. And I have to admit that she frequently arrives home carrying bags filled with all those foods I like to consume. For a long time I thought those dollar bills in my wallet were breeding and turning into twenties until she pointed out that she raised my allowance. It has occurred to me that whenever she drives my truck it ends up back home with more gas in it than when she left. As for all those bills being paid, I thought the utility company was giving us freebies until I spotted her writing out checks payable to them.

Coincidence? Maybe. I still like the visualization theory. After all, I did visualize having a wife who would take good care of me and look what happened.


Kat said...

Hey, this sounds like a pretty cushy life. I want a wife! (Very nice of you to recognize Mary's hard work this way Bob.)

BobCiz said...

Bob must be talking about The Secret-the best selling book about the power of attraction. It says to visualize checks arriving in the mail. The authors are getting lots of checks in their mailboxes because suckers like me bought their gimick! Mary