Monday, August 27, 2007

back to it

The routine returns. Mary started the new school year today so the onset of our usual school year daily routine is on us. It seems like only yesterday that the summer began. Now here it is nearly Labor Day already and my golf game has not improved. I need more summer.

A few quick thoughts......last month we were complaining about the drought conditions around here and how low the lake levels were. Our lake is up about ten inches from where it was a month ago. Now, after two weeks of not just plentiful rain but torrential rains, some areas of Wisconsin are suffering through damaging floods and have been named federal disaster areas. FEMA is on the case, so naturally nothing will get done to help all those people who have lost their homes and businesses. Do I sound cynical? Prove me wrong, FEMA.

With all the abundant rain the grass is growing with impunity, daring me to try to keep up with it. I am fighting the good fight and will continue to hack down the rampant growth, even if it means cutting daily. I have my new lawn mower to help me so I feel confidant that I will soon gain the upper hand. The lawn hasn't been invented yet that I can't handle.

August has become wedding anniversary month for this family. I wonder if it is a genetic thing that we all chose August as the month for our weddings. Mary and I are married 38 years on the 30th (I think it's the 30th. I better make sure), son Jonathan and Katie are married two years today, and daughter Carrie and Jeremy are in their 3rd week of marriage. Maybe the phase of the moon has something to do with it.

I love this time of year for all the sports that are happening now. Football season is upon us, baseball is entering the crucial run uup to the playoffs, and even golf has started a playoff round of tournaments to end its season. We should have tickets to the Wisconsin homecoming game (haven't heard from the alumni association yet) and my friend Pete has somehow managed to get us two tickets to the UW-Michigan game in November. The Packers are looking good (they are undefeated so far , but then so is every other team). The Brewers are causing some vexation by losing more than winning and giving up their hold on first place in their division to the Cubs. But we all know the Cubs can't win anything meaningful so I am not too worried. And there are still two good months to play golf before the weather keeps us locked inside until April. Maybe my golf game still has time to improve. Positive thinking--that's the ticket.

Simple, but good, things to look forward to.......tomorrow I get to have lunch with my friend Rich. Haven't seen him in nearly a month. This weekend we get together with our group of eight lake friends for dinner and conversation. Next week Jonathan is coming to the lake to play some golf with me (he took a couple days vacation) and I get to help him paint his garage, too. What a full and exciting life I lead. Bet you wish you were me.

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Artistic Soul said...

My friend was telling me about the rain up there! Crazy!