Sunday, August 05, 2007

our excellent adventure part II

This morning the fog hugged the coast, slowly pressing down on the landscape, smothering it like a soggy blanket. Still there were hints of the sunshine above the fog as an occasional shaft of sunlight breeched the fog layer. We all kept our fingers crossed and said a prayer or two that the day would turn to sunshine by afternoon for our beach wedding.

The womenfolk went to a spa this morning and got their nails done, both fingers and toes, and were pampered for several hours. When they finally emerged they were all smiles and good cheer. And I have never seen my daughter looking so beautiful. She had her hair pinned up, her makeup done, and exuded the radiance reserved for brides.

After lunch at a local restaurant and some wandering through the local shops, we were ready to do the marriage thing. And our prayers were answered. The fog blew away, the sun brightened the ocean and the breeze was gentle. We all got dressed up in our wedding clothes and headed to the inn’s private beach where, with the foliage covered rocks behind us and the shimmering ocean in front of us, we had the most wonderful wedding imaginable. I managed to perform the ceremony with hardly a tear until the very end when I let the happy tears flow. I am an emotional idiot at times like that and don’t mind it showing. My beautiful daughter is now a beautiful bride.

Of course we took a thousand pictures. We just didn’t want the whole experience to end. But eventually we had to get off the beach to make way for the tide. It was time to celebrate anyway. So we did. Many bottles of wine and a fancy dinner later, we are now ready to call it a day. And a perfect day it was. My daughter is married.