Monday, August 06, 2007

our excellent adventure part III

It's Monday already. Where does the time go. Now that we've had a couple days to reflect on the weekend's activities, we have come to cherish the memories of the wedding. Everything went so well that we are piching ourselves to make sure it all really happened. But looking at this picture of the newlyweds, brings home the reality.

This is the view of the ocean shoreline we had for the wedding. I can't imagine a more beautiful setting.

Or a more beautiful bride. But then I am a bit biased.

Today we sent them off on their honeymoon to Spain. While they are off globetrotting, Mary and I get to explore San Francisco and some of this part of California. We did a bit of looking around today, taking a look at the Golden Gate Bridge, which is rusty red and not gold at all, and spending a couple of hours on Fisherman's Wharf where we had lunch. Sorry, but I was unimpressed by either the bridge or the wharf. The Golden Gate bridge is just a bridge that basically goes nowhere. Frnakly if you've seen one suspension bridge you've seen them all. And for the most part the whole wharf area is just a big commercial tourist trap of junk shops and carnival food. There were some nicer shops and restaurants, but the overall effect for me was typical tacky tourist come-on.

I enjoyed far more the drive around the downtown area with its steep hills and cable cars. After driving on some of those streets feeling like we were diving headfirst down a concete chute, I could only wonder whose dumb idea it was to build a city here. There has to be a more congenial spot than this to build skyscrapers. Pedestrians have to have some mountain goat dna mixed in to survive. The flatlands of Nebraska look downright heavenly compared to this. Still, they seem to make it work around here.

Tomorrow I think we may head across that ho-hum bridge and take a look at some of the natural wonders the area has to offer north of here. I want some natural scenery after today's manmade nonsense...........


Artistic Soul said...

Oh no! Your first day and you did the wharf? I should have warned you to avoid that. It IS tacky and chinsy. Better luck tomorrow - stay off the beaten path. Oh! And go for breakfast or brunch at Dottie's if you can.

Anonymous said...

How fun! Sounds like a wonderful few days aside from the Wharf! Glad you are enjoying yourself and glad the wedding went off without a hitch!