Tuesday, August 07, 2007

our excellent adventure part IV

Today was a down day for me. All the hectic activities of the past few days finally caught up with me. I'm used to getting a nap in during the late afternoon hours to keep me functional, but haven't had the opportunity to rest as I should. So while we were out this morning exploring the UC-Berkeley campus where Carrie does her grad work, I wroe down to the point where I couldn't walk anymore. The old PD shuffle became a crawl. Still, I made it through a very nice lunch at a local bistro before making it back to the apartment where I promply collapsed and slept for a couple hours. Mary has been very patient and understanding. By tomorow I should be ready and raring to go again.

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Kat said...

Catching up! I'm glad you're resting for a day. The GG Bridge is an ugly old thing, but it represents something grand. Hope you and Mary get a chance to visit wine country while your in California.