Friday, August 10, 2007

our excellent adventure part VI

We've been busy. And somehow we keep spending more money. I guess vacations are like that. Everything costs more than you expect, and you spend money on things you would never consider if at home. And we haven't even bought any tacky souvenirs. I did buy a Cal sweatshirt, but I did need another sweatshirt so that doesn't count as a souvenir. And today I found myself at Pebble Beach and in need of another cap and towel for my golf bag, so it made sense to buy them with the Pebble Beach logo on them. Those aren't souvenirs, they're necessities.

Yesterday we gave in to our cultural urges and visited the de Young Museum. There is a decent collection fo modern art on display and the facility itself is first rate. We spent several hours there after having lunch in the museum's cafe and came away refreshed and satisfied by both the lunch and the art. We did succomb to the touristy lure of the tower at the museum that gives a panaramic view of the San Francisco skyline. I even took pictures like a proper tourist. Hey, no one is perfect.

Today we headed south, aiming the car at the Monteray Peninsula and the promise of some unforgettable scenery. We weren't disappointed. Once we escaped the freeway traffic jam we were rewarded for our persistence. The Monteray Peninsula's 17 mile scenic drive along the seashore was worth the trip. The fact that some of the finest golf courses in the country were along the way was a bonus for a golfaholic like me. Mary was incredibly patient with my drooling and swooning at the prospect of setting foot on the hallowed ground of Pebble Beach. Golfers among you will understand. For the others who are less golf centric, think of visiting the Vatican or maybe Notre Dame and you will better understand the feeling I had. I didn't get to actually play golf, but you willl never get to say Mass at Notre Dame either.

Since Mary was so understanding of my worshiping at the altar of golf, I felt it was only fair that I take her to Salinas so her inner English teacher could pay homage to John Steinbeck. We visited the Steinbeck Museum and she did her drooling and swooning. So for both of us the day was a rousing success.

Now, since I haven't been getting my obligatory afternoon nap, I am ready to swoon into bed and probably do some drooling on my pillow. All this swooning and drooling has worn me out. Later..........


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Artistic Soul said...

Sounds like the vacation is progressing well! How much more time do you have?

BobCiz said...

Soul, we hav another week of this vacationing stuff. Maybe too long. I'm feeling the need for some normalcy.