Sunday, August 19, 2007

our excellent adventure part X


The honeymooners have returned. We picked Carrie and Jeremy up at the airport around noon today. They had a wonderful time in Spain, but were glad to be home. Mary an I figured they would need some time to unpack and get reaclimated to home without having us getting in the way, so we hopped in the car and took the four hour drive to Lake Tahoe this afternoon.

Glad we did. The scenery on the drive here was spectacular. Every turn in the road provided another incredible vista. The long drive was so worth it. The sky up in the mountains was a deep blue that I’ve never experienced anywhere else. The late afternoon sun cast lengthening shadows that created more depth to the landscape. Driving from bright sunshine into a canyon created by shear rock faces and towering pines was like gliding from day into night. And when we rounded one of those turns and saw Lake Tahoe nestled between surrounding mountains, it was a nearly religious experience.

Now we are relaxing in a very nice hotel in South Lake Tahoe after getting a free dinner at a restaurant here. The freeby was a result of our order being “lost” by someone in the kitchen. The staff was very apologetic and solicitous when we mildly pointed out that we had been waiting a rather long time for our food. I suppose I would have gotten the same free dinner if I had ranted and raised a ruckus, but I feel so much better that the free dinner was their idea and not a result of my throwing a tantrum. We left there full and happy and now look forward to tomorrow and some more spectacular scenery before heading back to Oakland and catching up with the newlyweds.


We toured the west shore of Lake Tahoe this morning before heading back to Oakland. The scenery was unparalleled in my experience. It was another cloudless day of bright sunshine and that ridiculously blue sky. We cruised slowly so that we wouldn’t miss anything and took enough pictures to fill the camera’s memory card. Then we made the long drive back arriving in time to spend the evening with Carrie and Jeremy.

We went out to dinner late and sat in a sidewalk café, eating gelato for an hour before dinner. Very European. The kids were used to that kind of schedule, having spent the past two weeks doing the same thing in Barcelona. Me, I was starving and ready to scavenge for crumbs on the sidewalk. But the long evening was a great chance to hear all about their trip and tell them about our adventures while they were gone.

Now we are sitting in the San Francisco airport waiting for our flight home. Our excellent adventure is nearly over. All we need is an uneventful trip home to bring it to a successful conclusion. I am ready for it to end and anxious to return home to a normal life again. Vacations are great, but home is better. Later……

We are home safely. More tomorrow about our trip home and the interesting people we met along the way.


Bud said...

Welcome home and thanks for the fascinating travelogue

Kat said...

I'm so glad to hear that Tahoe is still beautiful. Having lived far away for many years I haven't kept up.