Wednesday, August 01, 2007

out of our box

This week brings us to the brink of our west coast adventure. Our daughter’s wedding is scheduled for Saturday. We leave home on Friday. Naturally we have to be there because I am the one who is performing the wedding ceremony. Of course that means we have to get on an airplane to fly out there. Ah, there’s the rub.

We are not experienced or willing travelers. We have flown before, but not for quite some time now. We are most comfortable being at home and leaving the traveling to others. So the next two weeks are shoving us way out of out comfort zone. I am not fearful of flying, but the experience is never pleasant for me because I get motion sickness so easily. Just looking at a plane or a boat gets me feeling whoozy. Mary doesn’t like to fly at all being afraid of all that space between the airborne plane and the ground. So between the two of us we are a walking advertisement for Dramamine and Valium.

We are not only going to California to get Carrie and Jeremy married, but we are then staying for the next two weeks in their apartment to take care of their two dogs and a cat and any other wild life that may have taken up residence there while they do the honeymoon thing somewhere in Spain.

Being away from home for more than a few days is tough for us. We have never taken a vacation longer than a week’s duration. Trying to plan for all contingencies while away from home has become a full time job for the past week. For instance, while we are dogsitting for Carrie’s mutts, we are having a dogsitter live here in our house to take care of our dog. Mary has typed up several pages of instructions for her already. It seems that every monthly bill will come due while we are gone, so those have to be taken care of ahead of time. (I don’t want to hear about paying online—that’s beyond my comprehension). Figuring out how to pack a suitcase with all our worldly possessions will be a real challenge.

Adding to our travel anxiety is the lifestyle adjustments we will have to make while there. Like no television. They don’t have one. Don’t need it and don’t want it. I need to watch a ballgame every now and then or suffer withdrawal pains. I do like to watch the news once in awhile lest I forget the dire straits the world is in. I may go crazy.

Of course we will take advantage of being the San Francisco area to do the usual touristy things. If we can find our way around. If we can find a place to park the rental car. If any of you out there have any suggestions for our stay in the bay area, give me a shout out. Or if you happen to be around Berkeley and wouldn’t mind giving some guided tours, I’m open to any help. This could be a disaster or it could be the start of Bob and Mary’s Excellent Adventure. Time will tell. I’ll keep you posted.


Sumpit said...

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Artistic Soul said...

Ooooo... I was just out in SF and there are lots of cool things you can do. If you need to catch a game, there are plenty of local sports bars with big screens. :) Do spend some time checking out Golden Gate park - very nice. Also, it is totally worth the money to take a day trip out to Napa Valley. The Asian Art Museum is fantastic as well if you get a chance to stop there.

BobCiz said...

Soul, Mary has a very coprehensive itinerary mapped out for us. The biggest question is, will we get to all of it.

Napa is at the top of my list, being the wino that I am.

sir jorge said...

I once was in the airport in San Francisco...and they made me run around the place and go through security twice.

It was rough.