Wednesday, September 19, 2007

weekly highlights

You know you're in trouble when the highlights of your week are a visit to the dental hygienist and a visit to a shrink. Can it get any more exciting than that?

Something that has always bothered me about dental hygienists: why do they insist on talking and making comments that would normally ellicit a response when they know you can't respond or comment because they have their fingers in your mouth? So, added to the discomfort and, yes, sometimes real pain, is the frustration of being unable to get off that clever quip in response to something she said. Is that a ploy they are taught in dental hygienist school as a way of distracting the patient from noticing that his gums are bleeding and his nerve endings are screaming in agony? If it is, it ain't working.
I think all conversation should be banned when I am in the dentist chair so that I can concentrate on the torture at hand. I don't really want to hear about your dog chasing his tail or your husband riding his Harley without a helmet. Or was it your husband chasing tail and your dog riding on the Harley? Who gives a crap. Let me enjoy the agony quietly.

Then today I paid a visit to the staff psychologist at the neurolgist's office where I get treated for Parkinsons Disease. That was definitely a first for me. Never in my life did I consider the possibility of visiting a psychologist. That was for crazy people, not someone like me. But if you read my previous post here, you know that I have been depressed about life for a little while due mainly to the progression of PD. So for me, admitting that there was a problem to be dealt with was a big step. Then actually doing something about it was a major breakthrough for me. The time I spent with the psychologist this morning helped a great deal in my realizing that it is ok to be down and pissed off as long as I don't stay down and pissed off and get on with my life. We set some reachable goals for the next week that should help me out of this funk I'm in. I think I will be alright.

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Anonymous said...

There should not be any pain , you need a new hygenist and MODERN gear. A sonic lance brings the whole cleaning down to about a few minutes of head vibrations and no pain.